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Fighting age men or "men of fighting age" is a politically charged rhetorical term of the 2010s used to criticize the male immigration surplus into Western lands, as seen for example during the European migrant crisis. This criticism is not made for demographic but for geopolitical reasons.

These men are compared with vanguard "soldiers" said to perpetrate an alleged process of partial population replacement. Opponents of this shift may even call it white genocide.[1]


The term came into use after it was noticed that the majority of refugees and economic migrants seeking asylum in Western Europe and the USA in the 2010s were relatively young men and boys, who happened to be of prime age for induction in the military. If they all remain, Europe will have a similar surplus of men over childbearing-age women as China or India.[2][3]

It is argued that since many refugees are fleeing Muslim countries were polygyny is practiced, one of their motives may be to find marriage partners in the West. Once established, they will then allegedly strive to make their new homelands more like their countries of origin, by changing the culture and encouraging fellow immigrants to arrive. They are also alleged to practice various forms of violence, including sometimes sexual assault.[4] This is said to be an attempt to establish cultural dominance.


Criticizing the male-heavy skew among the migrants is considered racist, since it implies criticism of the genetic contribution these non-white men may make to the existing Western gene pool.[5] Such speech may even lead to criminal prosecution in Europe.[6]

Users of the term tend to oppose all non-white immigration, not just of "fighting age" men. They focus on the men because neutral observers are less likely to sympathize with men than with vulnerable women and children. However, some immigration opponents have indicated they would be less likely to oppose immigration of young women. They also say that Third World immigration into the West is mostly supported by white women because it will improve their romantic options.[7]


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