Figure-eight loop

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Figure-eight loop
Names Figure-eight loop, Flemish loop
Category Loop
Related figure-eight knot, flemish bend, Figure-of-nine loop, spider hitch
Typical use climbing, caving
Caveat jams
ABoK #1047
Instructions [1]

A figure-eight loop (also figure-eight on a bight or Flemish loop or Flemish eight) is a type of knot created by a loop on the bight. It is used in climbing and caving where rope strains are light to moderate and for decorative purposes. The knot is commonly followed by tying a strangle knot (AKA Half a Double Fisherman's Knot) or an overhand knot around the standing end.[1]

The double figure eight is used to put a loop in the end of a rope, or around an object. It is relatively easy to tie and is secure, but can become difficult to untie after heavy loading, and can jam badly in any rope type.

Tying methods


A figure-of-eight loop tied using the follow-through method.

A figure-eight loop is created by doubling the rope into a bight, then tying the standard figure-eight knot.

Follow Through

Alternatively, to tie the knot directly around an object, the follow through method must be used.

  • Tie a regular figure eight knot with a significant amount of extra tail.
  • Loop the tail around the object.
  • Thread the tail back through the figure eight to create a normal looking figure eight on a bight.

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