Finding Judas

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"Finding Judas"
House episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 9
Directed by Deran Sarafian
Written by Sara Hess
Original air date November 28, 2006
Guest actors
Season 3 episodes
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"Finding Judas" is the ninth episode of the third season of House and the fifty-fifth episode overall.


Six-year-old girl Alice (Alyssa Shafer), is enjoying herself at a carnival with her father. While on a ride, Alice starts screaming uncontrollably.

House's team checks her and finds gallstones and eventually pancreatitis. It is then revealed that her parents (Christopher Gartin and Paula Cale) are divorced, and argue all the time. Repeatedly, they are unable to agree on whether to trust House's judgment or not, so temporary guardianship is awarded to Cuddy.

Each time the doctors perform a test on Alice, her skin reacts as if she has allergies to everything. House thinks it's impossible for her to be allergic to everything, so he suspects infection. House recommends broad-spectrum antibiotics, but Cuddy, still fearing allergies, decides on Metronidazole. Alice keeps getting worse, including muscle rigidity and liver failure. Without answers, Cuddy runs a charcoal hemoperfusion during which Alice develops a clot in her arm. Foreman and Cuddy operate on her and remove the clot, during which time her temperature rises dangerously. Cuddy cools her off by taking her into a shower, where an angry House finds her, berates her for giving Alice weak antibiotics, and telling her she'd fail as a mother, which drastically emotionally effects her.

In the final differential House has with his team, her concludes she has necrotizing fasciitis, and decides her only chance for survival is amputation of the infected limbs (left arm and leg). The team does not agree on such a radical measure, but a nearly hostile House scathingly scolds them for being too cautious.

The amputation surgery is prepared while House's team hangs out in the office. Chase is playing with a laser pointer and has an epiphany. He stops House in the hospital foyer and tells him that Alice has erythropoietic protoporphyria which makes her allergic to light. House rejects his diagnosis. When Chase tries to persuade him, House punches him in the face. While lying on the floor, Chase explains the specifics. House, shocked at his own outburst and lack of clarity, realizes that Chase is right. The OR is called and the surgery halted. Shortly after, Cuddy explains the diagnosis to Alice's parents.

Throughout the episode, the "House vs. Tritter" arc continues. Tritter has "set up shop" in a records closet of PPTH, and meets with Cameron and Foreman, questioning them again about House's Vicodin use. Later it is found out that Tritter has frozen their bank accounts, but not Chase's. Cuddy feebly tries to reason with him citing Wilson's practice being shut down, and the entire hospital being overcautious. Tritter quickly fires back. Later, he meets with Chase, but this time in the open cafeteria, and acting cordially to make it appear as though he and Chase have made a deal, hoping that the rumors of such a deal would drive a wedge between them all; immediately after which, their accounts are unfrozen, which worries the team, but not House.

Some time after the surgery is stopped, Chase enters the doctors lounge, visibly frustrated. As he is preparing a sandwich, he and Wilson talk. Chase tells Wilson that he cannot stand the situation anymore, and that he's through waiting for House's approval and hastily leaves the room. The door to Tritter's makeshift office is seen opening, and Tritter has a surprised look on his face when he sees who has come to talk to him. We then see it is Wilson, and he says "I'm gonna need thirty pieces of silver", a reference to the price for which Judas betrayed Jesus.


Lisa Edelstein and David Morse submitted this episode for consideration in their behalf in the categories of "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" and "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series" for the 2007 Emmy Awards.[1]


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