First inauguration of Woodrow Wilson

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First Presidential Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson
Date March 4, 1913; 109 years ago (1913-03-04)
Location Washington, D.C.
United States Capitol
Participants Woodrow Wilson

The first inauguration of Woodrow Wilson took place on March 4, 1913, marking the beginning of his tenure as the 28th President of the United States and Thomas R. Marshall's tenure as Vice President. During the inauguration, Chief Justice Edward D. White administered the oath of office. Wilson requested that the inaugural ball be canceled because he found it inappropriate for the occasion.[1]

Suffragist Alice Paul of the National American Woman Suffrage Association organized a suffrage parade down Pennsylvania Avenue the day before Wilson's inauguration to "march in a spirit of protest against the present political organization of society, from which women are excluded." The march and the attention it attracted were important in advancing women's suffrage in the United States.[2]

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