Fram för lilla Märta

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Fram för lilla Märta
Directed by Hasse Ekman
Written by Hasse Ekman
Starring see below
Music by Kai Gullmar
Sune Waldimir
Cinematography Hilding Bladh
Edited by Lennart Wallén
Release dates
  • 29 September 1945 (1945-09-29) (Sweden)
Running time
86 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Fram för lilla Märta or På livets ödesvägar is a 1945 Swedish film directed by Hasse Ekman and starring Stig Järrel and Hasse Ekman.


The story takes its beginning in 2006 in Sweden, sixty years in the future from the present time at the making of the film. The elderly Sture Letterström travels to Lillköping together with his only living relative. They visit a statue of the famous cellist Märta Letterström. Sitting by the base of the statue, Sture tells his life story to his relative. He begins to tell about a summer during the 1940s, when he was an unemployed musician, travelling around the country to find work. unable to find a job, he eventually finds an ad where a ladies' orchestra seeks a new member. Sture dresses up as a lady, calls himself 'Märta' and gets the job. Sture then goes on a tour around the country, performing with his 'fiance' Kurre, who really is his best friend.

Soon Märta is famous in the little town of Lillköping. She runs for office and wins, and she transforms into a reputable women's rights advocate.[1]


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