Francesco Goffriller

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Francesco Goffriller (also Francesco Gofriller) (1692–1750) was an Italian violin, viola and cello maker thought to be active between 1709 and 1739.[citation needed]

The brother or possibly the son of Matteo Goffriller, he started his working life as a luthier in Venice from approximately 1709 until 1714, and moved to Udine in 1714.

Goffriller Instruments




Francesco Goffriller built many cellos in his lifetime. These are several known to still exist.

Model Year Owner Notes
Francesco Goffriller cello 1737 CIC (French Bank) now played by Ophélie Gaillard (or Amir Eldan)
Francesco Goffriller cello 1735 now played by Kenneth Kuo (or Amir Eldan)
Francesco Goffriller cello 1693 now played by Zuill Bailey