Frank Brett Noyes

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Frank Brett Noyes
File:Frank B Noyes.jpg
Born (1863-07-07)July 7, 1863
Washington, DC
Died December 1, 1948(1948-12-01) (aged 85)
Washington, DC
Employer Washington Evening Star
Spouse(s) Janet Thurston Newbold
Children Frances Newbold Noyes
Newbold Noyes, Sr.
Ethel J. Noyes Lewis
Parent(s) Crosby Stuart Noyes
Elizabeth S. Williams

Frank Brett Noyes (July 7, 1863 - December 1, 1948) was president of the Washington Evening Star and a founder of the Associated Press.[1] He was a son of Crosby Stuart Noyes.[2]


Noyes was born in Washington, DC on July 7, 1863. He attended public schools in Washington and later went to the preparatory school of Columbian College (which later became George Washington University), but did not complete a degree. Instead, in 1881 he began to work in the Evening Star's business department full-time, though he had already worked for the Star in his spare time during his high school and college years.

He was manager and treasurer for the Star from 1887 to 1901. From 1901 to 1910 he lived in Chicago and edited the Chicago Recorder-Herald while remaining a director of the Evening Star, and moved back to Washington in 1910 to become president of the Evening Star Newspaper Company.[3]

Beginning in 1893, Noyes became involved with the formation of the Associated Press and was elected its president in 1900, retiring only in 1938.[4]

He married Janet Thurston Newbold on September 17, 1888. They had four children: Crosby (died in infancy), Frances Newbold Noyes, Newbold Noyes Sr., and Ethel.[3]


""Circumstances compel me to be an intellectual eunuch." Quoted in,[4] explaining why he didn't offer opinions on public issues.


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