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Fraser Hart Kershaw Jr.
File:Fraser Kershaw Jr.png
Fraser Kershaw in El Salvador
Residence St. John, Virgin Islands
Occupation Philanthropist
film maker
Years active 2014–present
Parent(s) Fraser Hart Kershaw
Lorrie Gawryla

Fraser Hart Kershaw Jr. is known for his public outreach efforts in the clean water movement throughout the United States and developing nations in Latin America. [1] He is known to bring attention to the world's water crisis through various platforms and contributions through philanthropy, public speaking, television commercials, and film. [2] He is known to speak out about health related issues in rural communities. [3] He can be seen portraying various characters in the 2016 international film, Behind the Water.[4]

Early life

Kershaw spent his teens on the island of St. John, Virgin Islands.[5] His mother works as a medical missionary in natural disasters in Latin America.[6] His father of the same name, is an artist, [7] known for displaying aesthetic energy efficient art.[8]


Kershaw is best known as the host of the film, Behind the Water.[9] Kershaw and Musician Brent Kutzle from OneRepublic collaborate on the musical score for the film.[10] Kershaw collaborated on a new medium of art called: live cinematic theater; an Italian production named 'Distant Vision' directed by Francis Ford Coppola.[11] Kershaw appeared in commercials and ads which showcase advocacy for clean water and hand hygiene for C2O Coconut Water, Evamor Artesian Water and Justin's Nut Butter.[12] Kershaw appeared on the live taped television program Film Works alongside outdoor cinematographer Doug Clevenger as industry experts on filming within the world water crisis.[13]

Clean water movement & Philanthropy

The Jamaican diaspora states, "Kershaw travels as the opportunity to learn, teach, and help the Caribbean people. Water is a necessity in the Caribbean and we are in need of more films that capitalize on life giving efforts for our people." [14]

In 2014, Kershaw became vocal about the clean water movement through film in the Caribbean by quoting.[15]

"No need for arguments, we know the movement grows. One person can make a difference giving back in a small way, with exponential growth that one person becomes ten, that becomes 100, that becomes 100,000, and that many people pushing to make the world a better place will do exactly that, a good place to start is by giving another human clean water. "

— Fraser Kershaw

Behind the Water (The Film)

On Earth Day 2015, portions of the film called, Behind the Water screened at the University of Kansas. During the event Kershaw stated, "This Earth Day, we're far beyond a debate about the importance of water.” He added, "We're solely focused on taking action and being a part of the effects here at home, preparing communities here locally on leading an international effort for action."[16]

Earth Day Premiere

On Earth Day 2016, the movie premiered on international television throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Canada, and the UK. Cana News Statesd, "Kershaw intends to bring the film alive in real time to public universities." [17]

Public speaking

Kershaw speaks and presents in the Public University system.[18][19][20] Kershaw started the first annual 48-hour film festival at The University of Cincinnati.[21] He received the nickname 'The Prince of Hope' for his efforts to provide clean water in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.[22] Kershaw addressed the country of El Salvador on national news across 7 million homes bringing together congressional leaders and administration officials in hopes to furnish clean water to communities.[23]


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