Friendship knot loop

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Friendship knot loop
Names Friendship knot loop, Chinese crown knot loop, Slipped friendship knot loop, Sliding Chinese crown knot loop
Category Loop
Related Friendship knot
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Friendship knot loop is a knot to tie a secure and stable loop at the end of a rope.

The slipped version where the last move is done with a bight of the end, rather than with the end itself, is one that can be tightened flat, slid, locked (like a belt buckle), and then untied quickly (like when nature calls) with an exploding pop. If not tightened flat, this Slipped friendship knot loop collapses into a cube and will neither slide nor pop. [1]


Like tying a Friendship knot, except that it is tied to the ropes own end, coming back from forming the loop.

See also


  1. Six Exploding Knots by Peter Suber.