Fulk (archbishop of Reims)

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Fulk the Venerable (died June 17, 900) was the Archbishop of Reims from 882 until his death. He was the chief opponent of the non-Carolingian king of France, Odo, in the last quarter of the 9th century. He was the brother of Anscar I, Margrave of Ivrea

Upon the deposition of Emperor Charles the Fat in 887, He tried to install his kinsman Guy II, Duke of Spoleto, on the throne and even crowned him at Langres (888), but to no avail: Odo was crowned at Paris. He then turned to the Emperor Arnulf, but also to no avail, Arnulf being preoccupied with other things and wishing to maintain peace with the French kingdom.

Fulk finally crowned Louis the Stammerer's youngest son, Charles the Simple, in 893 while Odo was still king. This plot was also unsuccessful, but when Odo died in 898, Charles succeeded him and restored the Carolingian dynasty in France, though it would be involved in numerous rivalrous wars with the relatives of Odo in the 10th century.

Charles made him chancellor for the first two years of his reign, but Fulk was assassinated in 900 by Baldwin II, Count of Flanders.

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