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Full Circle
Editor Ronnie Tucker[1]
Categories Linux magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue April 2007[2]
Company Full Circle Team
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Website fullcirclemagazine.org

Full Circle is a free distribution Portable Document Format magazine that was launched in April 2007. The magazine is an independent publication and is not affiliated with Canonical Ltd., the sponsors of the Ubuntu operating system. It relies on volunteer writers for most of its editorial content.[1][3][4]

The publication is aimed at users of the Ubuntu operating system and all its derivatives, including Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, as well as others like Linux Mint and its derivatives. It focuses on product reviews, community news, how-to articles, programming and troubleshooting tips. The latest issue is currently available in 23 languages but that number changes depending on community members willing to translate to their native tongue. The first edition was produced in English, Estonian, Romanian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Galician, Dutch and Indonesian.[3][5][6][7]


Issue 0 April 2007

Issue 0 of Full Circle was released in April 2007 and featured stories about Ubuntu's history, features including desktop effects and new Linux games. This first edition was 17 pages in length, in portrait format.[2][3]

By Issue 25 the magazine had evolved to 28 pages in landscape format, for easier viewing as a PDF document.[1]

In December 2007, the Full Circle Podcast started. After two episodes, the podcast stopped production, due to the host unable to dedicate time to the podcast. In March 2010, the podcast was re-established by Robin Catling, along with Ed Hewitt and Dave Wilkins, with an entirely new format. Each episode, the podcast covers news, round up of the latest issue of the magazine, interviews, reviews and feedback from listeners.[8]


The production staff consists of:[1][4]

  • Editor: Ronnie Tucker
  • Webmaster: Rob Kerfia
  • Communications Manager: Robert Clipsham
  • Editorial Staff: Mike Kennedy, David Haas, Gord Campbell, Nicola Cappellini, Ryan Hartlage, David Sutton, Robin Catling, Ed Hewitt
  • Podcaster: Les Pounder & Co.

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