Full Throttle (1984 video game)

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Full Throttle
File:Full Throttle ZX Spectrum Inlay.jpg
Developer(s) Mervyn J. Estcourt
Publisher(s) Micromega
Platforms Sinclair Spectrum and MSX
Release date(s) 1984
Genre(s) Racing game
Mode(s) Single player

Full Throttle is a computer game released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and MSX.

The player races a 500cc Grand Prix motorcycle on any of ten of the world's top racing circuits.

It was written by Mervyn Estcourt, creator of the critically acclaimed game 3D Deathchase.


File:Full Throttle ZX Spectrum Screenshot.gif
In-game screen from the ZX Spectrum version of the game

After selecting a track to race on, the player starts at the back of the grid, with 39 other bikes. Cornering too quickly will cause a skid, while running off the road slow the bike down, and making contact with another rider forces the bike to a halt, allowing the following riders to stream past the player as the bike gets going again.

There are ten circuits in the game, and part of the key to winning is to know the circuit well enough to predict the bends. There is a practice mode, in which the player rides round the track without any other riders, or the player can choose a race of between one and five laps.

The best position achieved is shown at the bottom of the menu-screen, along with the player's time ahead of the second-place man. As soon as the track or number of laps is changed, this record is reset.[1][2][3][4][5]


There are ten tracks in the game:

  1. Donington Park, UK (2.5 miles / 4.03 km)
  2. Mugello, San Marino (3.26 miles / 5.25 km)
  3. Jarama, Spain (2.06 miles / 3.31 km)
  4. Paul Ricard, France (3.61 miles / 5.81 km)
  5. Nürburgring, West Germany (2.81 miles / 4.52 km)
  6. Misano, Italy (2.17 miles / 3.49 km)
  7. Silverstone, UK (2.92 miles / 4.71 km)
  8. Spa Francorchamps, Belgium (4.33 miles / 6.98 km)
  9. Rijeka, Yugoslavia (2.59 miles / 4.17 km)
  10. Anderstorp, Sweden (2.50 miles / 4.03 km)


Review scores
Publication Score
CVG 8/10[3]
Crash 91% (CRASH Smash)[2]
Sinclair User 8/10[4]
Your Spectrum 4/5 (Hit)[5]

Reviews were positive, with CRASH giving it 91% (a CRASH Smash),[2] Your Spectrum rating it at 4/5,[5] and both Computer and Video Games and Sinclair User rating it at 8/10.[3][4]

CRASH said of the game "First impressions of this game were that it was outstanding — a Pole Position like game where the road disappeared into the horizon and scrolled exceptionally well. On playing for a bit, I noticed it was even better, because the road does more than it does in Pole Position — it actually moves left and right across the screen instead of staying fixed (nearest the viewer) in the centre of the screen.",[2] Sinclair User's Chris Bourne said "Graphics are not of the best quality, but on the whole match Chequered Flag, with a similar mountainous horizon and smoothly shifting track."[4] and David Lester of Your Spectrum said that "It's not the most colourful game I've seen, but it's certainly the best bike-racing game by far. Impressive 3D bikes and a selection of race tracks made this a winner.".[5]


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