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Futebol Salao Pan2007

Futsal is a football variant. It is played by two teams, each consisting of 5 players. Those players consist of one goalkeeper and four other players for defense and attack. Its field is smaller than for football, and it is commonly an indoor sport. more precision is required, because the field is smaller and the players fewer than for regular football.


How this is done when the opponent pressure to the main of our defense. In this condition, the space for the movement of individuals is very limited. If the ball was dominated in its own area until captured opponents, the risk of large conceded the goal. Therefore, the opponent has the ideal distance for a shot on goal.However, pressure from opponents like this also presents a distinct advantage for us. Because the opponent's defense became more open. If the ball can be rolled out to the opposing defense, we had chances to score.This combination can be done to dismantle the opponent's defense. However, there are conditions that must be met. One of those is the good understanding between players. Without a sense of understanding, feedback and movement will be done easily broken opponents as striker tend to fall off.


Defense is one of important things in playing futsal. In futsal, a good defense technique can be the key for achieving positive result. It is very important when playing against a better team. Every coach has to prepare his team and individual players in several defense tasks. There are several factors that every coach and player have to consider when deciding defense technique. Those are technical skills, tactical skills, physical condition and number of players. Besides that, it is very important to know how the opposite team’s technique and strategy. By knowing those, we can choose what the best technique can be done.

Individual Technique

Individual techniques are done by each player in futsal. These techniques are how the movement, position and skill of the player. Then, the key of playing futsal is to win the game by scoring more than the opposite score. To do that, individual techniques, such as passing, shooting, and dribbling, must be good. First, passing is sending a ball to teammates by kicking the ball. We have to consider the right position and direction. Second, shooting is kicking the ball to score a goal. It is done by choosing the direction and giving more power to the ball, so the ball will drive fast and the goalkeeper cannot catch the ball. Third, dribbling is a technique when a player brings the ball from one side to other side. It is used two feet or just one foot, it depends on player’s need.


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