G-Unit Clothing Company

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The G-Unit Clothing Company
Urban Clothing
Industry Fashion
Founded 2003
Headquarters New York
Key people
50 Cent, Marc Ecko, and G-Unit
Products Clothing and Footwear
Website www.G-UnitClothing.com

The G-Unit Clothing Company was established in 2003 when 50 Cent teamed up with Marc Ecko, the founder of Ecko Unlimited to create a line of clothing and accessories by 50 Cent and G-Unit. Since its initial launch, the brand has generated $100 million in retail sales, although production of the line has ceased since 2009, with tentative plans to re-launch.[1]


The clothing line was announced in 2003 as a joint partnership between 50 Cent and Marc Ecko, founder of Eckō Unlimited. The deal was said to be unique as Ecko wasn't handling the designing of the clothing, but rather the marketing and merchandising of the brand. Marc Ecko likened the deal to "Nike and (Michael) Jordan coming together for Air Jordan".[2] 50 Cent maintains full ownership of the line, along with the opportunity to re-launch it on his own.[3]

In February 2008, it was announced that G-Unit clothing had ended its partnership with Mark Ecko.[4] However, only a few months later, it was announced that Ecko/G-Unit had re-established partnership with plans of a Spring 2009 collection.[5]


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