Gafsa Archaeological Museum

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Gafsa Archaeological Museum
Location Gafsa, Tunisia
Type Archaeology museum

Gafsa Archaeological Museum is a Tunisian archaeological museum, located in Gafsa. The museum sits in the old city center. Opposite it are ancient Roman pools.[1]

History of Gafsa

A large section of the museum is dedicated to the period of history of Gafsa when it was under Roman control. Gafsa was once a Roman frontier town, the headquarters of a garrison. A high-ranking military chief would usually be in command of the garrison and resided in Gafsa. Articles used in everyday life, like jewellery, coins, sculptures and mosaics, are part of this collection. One of the best artifacts is the mosaic pavement that shows a circus game.[citation needed] It dates from the 4th century AD.


The Gafsa Museum has an extensive collection of prehistoric flint and stone tools as well as others fashioned out of bone. Objects depicting human and animal figures and paraphernalia suggesting spiritual life are also part of the museum collection. The museum houses not only artifacts from the city but also from the surrounding areas.[citation needed] One of the museum's most prized assets is a Capsian figurine dating back to 8000 BC, a proof that the place was peopled since the Neolithic Age.

File:Manor 033.jpg
Stone tools similar to those at display in the Gafsa Museum


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