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Garema Place is a paved outdoor area in Civic, Canberra, Australia, with a number of shops, restaurants and cafes with outdoor dining. Many community events including protests and festivals are held at the location. The adjacent cinema, record/hifi store and bookshop have recently closed down or moved to the mall.

From 1921 to 1923 a railway line which connected with the station at Kingston terminated at the present day location of Garema Place until the rail bridge over the Molonglo River was washed away in a flood.

Garema Place is the location of Canberra's Multicultural Festival held each February and the Celebrate Canberra Festival in March.

Garema Place is known for its art, predominantly a silver statue of a pillow located in the main area near the chess board. This pillow is colloquially known as the 'Goon Bag,' a name given to it due to its resemblance to the bag (or 'Goon Sack') that cheap wine (colloquially called 'Goon') comes in.

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