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Sant Garib Das (1717–1778) was a Yogi and called Acharaya (one who is teacher to saints), spiritual reformer and founder of the Garibdasi panth (a section who follow his preachings). He was born in 1717 to a family of Dhankhar Jats In Village Chhudani, District Jhajjar, Haryana(India), and he has written almost 24000 words of wholly book which is called Garibdassi Granth which is followed by so many Garbidassi and Kabir panthies . His Garib Das ki granth Sahib or Baba Garib Dasji ki bani consists of some 7,000 verses of the poet Kabir followed by 17,000 of his own. The granth(holy book) has so many words from different language like Arabic Gujraati and other language that were spoken at that time in different regions till Afghanistan and across Himalaya valleys. He left this earth in 1778, and over his remains a mausoleum was erected. The wholly book contains huge knowledge of different forms of Bhakti and Sadhna. Acharaya explained different way to reach ultimate path of human soul which is also discussed in Vedanta. Till this age of kalayuga we have so many wholly book and preaching's way to meet GOD(Parma tama) like Lord Shiva ,Lord Krishna ,Vedanta ,Ramayana and Muslim preaching and Yoga. The wholly book of Acharaya Garib Dass describe conclusion from almost all book which are presently part of Indian spiritual teaching.

The holy book give message all about practical knowledge to reach human soul goal.

Garibdasis hold Kabir and Rama identical - Ram men kabir men kuchh antar nahin. They are found in Punjab, there are branch institutions in a number of villages in Rohtak district. These include the Bhuriwale(Garib Dassi) Sampradha.


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