General Electric F118

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An F118 engine
Type Turbofan
National origin United States
Manufacturer General Electric
First run 1980s
Major applications Lockheed U-2
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
Developed from General Electric F110

The General Electric F118 is a non-afterburning turbofan engine produced by GE Aviation, and is derived from the General Electric F110 afterburning turbofan.

Design and development

The F118 is a non-afterburning derivative of the F110 specially developed for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. A single stage HP turbine drives the 9 stage HP compressor, whilst a 2 stage LP turbine drives the 3 stage fan. The combustor is annular. In 1998, the USAF's Lockheed U-2 fleet was fitted with a modified version of the F118.[1]


Variant for the B-2[2]
Variant for the U-2S[2]


Specifications (F118-100)

Data from [3]

General characteristics

  • Type: Two Spool Turbofan
  • Length: 101 in (255 cm)
  • Diameter: 46.5 in (118 cm)
  • Dry weight: 3200 lb (1452 kg)


  • Compressor: Axial, 1 stage fan, 2 stage low pressure compressor, 9 stage high pressure compressor
  • Combustors: Annular
  • Turbine: 1 stage high pressure turbine, 2 stage low pressure turbine


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