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Generosa Ammon (March 22, 1956, Laguna Beach, California – August 22, 2003, New York City) was the widow of multimillionaire New York businessman Ted Ammon, who was murdered during their bitter divorce battle. Ammon-Pelosi, and her lover Daniel Pelosi were both suspects in Ammon's bludgeoning death. Pelosi was later convicted.[1]


Generosa Rand LeGaye was raised by a single mother, Marie Theresa LeGaye. When LeGaye was 10 years old, her mother died. After her mother's death she was raised by various relatives.[2] She graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 1981, and moved to New York to be an artist.

While working as a real estate agent, she met Ted Ammon when she called him after he failed to keep an appointment for an apartment she was to show him. They married in 1986 and adopted a twin boy and girl from Ukraine, whom they named Greg and Alexa Ammon. They were about to finalize their divorce in October 2001 when Ted Ammon was found beaten to death in his Long Island home. As he had failed to change his will, she inherited the bulk of his estate. Ammon's estate, according to an inventory filed with the New York State Surrogates Court, was valued at $97 million gross shortly after his death. The document, compiled by his executors, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM ), detailed Ammon's assets to the last penny.[citation needed]

Later years and death

On January 15, 2002, she married her boyfriend, Daniel Pelosi, an unlicensed electrician whom she met when he showed up at the doorstep of her Manhattan townhouse because he was told she was hiring workers for a remodeling job. Ammon's bank, J. P. Morgan, took the unusual step of challenging Generosa as co-executor of his estate. While dying of breast cancer, she was offered immunity from prosecution to testify against Pelosi before a grand jury, but refused. She cut Pelosi out of her will, but gave him a $2 million legal settlement which he used for legal expenses. She left her money to her two children, Alexa and Greg. A portion of the Ammon estate created a foundation called the Ammon Foundation. It contains a vast sum of money that will outlive the Ammon children, and is used to support some prominent charities.[citation needed]

Generosa appointed Kathryn Mayne, the children's nanny, as legal guardian of Alexa and Greg. She bequeathed a life interest in the house where Ammon was murdered to Mayne to raise the twins. In 2005, however, full custody of the twins was awarded to Ted's sister, Sandra Williams.[citation needed] In the meantime, Generosa died of cancer on August 22, 2003.

Pelosi was convicted of Ammon's murder on December 13, 2004. Generosa Ammon was played by Poppy Montgomery in the 2005 made for TV movie Murder in the Hamptons.


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