Gennadi Sarafanov

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Gennadi Vasiliyevich Sarafanov
File:1974 CPA 4403.jpg
Nationality Soviet
Born January 1, 1942
Sinenkie, Saratov Oblast, Russia
Died September 29, 2005(2005-09-29) (aged 63)
Other occupation
Rank Colonel, Soviet Air Force[1]
Time in space
2d 00h 12m[1]
Selection Air Force Group 3
Missions Soyuz 15

Gennadi Vasiliyevich Sarafanov (Russian: Геннадий Васильевич Сарафанов; b. January 1, 1942 in Sinenkiye, Saratov Oblast, Russia – d. September 29, 2005, Moscow[1]) was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 15 spaceflight in 1974. This mission was intended to dock with the space station Salyut 3, but failed to do so after the docking system malfunctioned.

Sarafanov graduated from the Soviet Air Force academy and held the rank of Colonel.[1]

He only made a single spaceflight before resigning from the space program in 1986 and lecturing in technology.[1]

He was awarded:


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