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Producer American Geosciences Institute (United States)
History 1966 to present
Cost Subscription
Disciplines geosciences
Record depth Index & abstract
Format coverage articles, books, maps, conference papers, reports and theses
Temporal coverage 1669 to present
Geospatial coverage Worldwide
Number of records 2.8 million

The GeoRef database is a bibliographic database of scientific literature in the geosciences, including geology. Coverage ranges from 1669 to the present for North American literature, and 1933 to the present for the rest of the world. It currently contains more than 2.8 million references. It is widely considered one of the preeminent literature databases for those studying the earth sciences.[1]

It is produced by the American Geosciences Institute, known as the American Geological Institute until October 2011.

"To maintain the database, GeoRef editor/indexers regularly scan more than 3,500 journals in 40 languages as well as new books, maps, and reports. They record the bibliographic data for each document and assign index terms to describe it. Each month between 6,000 and 9,000 new references are added to the database."[2]

Major areas of coverage by GeoRef include: •Areal geologyEconomic geologyEngineering geologyEnvironmental geologyExtraterrestrial geologyGeochemistryGeochronologyGeophysicsHydrogeology and hydrologyMarine geology and oceanographyMathematical geologyMineralogy and CrystallographyPaleontologyPetrologySeismologyStratigraphyStructural geologySurficial geology[3]

Print publications that correspond to GeoRef are Bibliography and Index of North American Geology; Bibliography of Theses in Geology; and the Geophysical Abstracts, Bibliography and Index of Geology Exclusive of North America.[4]


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