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File:Gerl logo us.jpg
US Logo of the Gerl Manufactur, Germany
File:Gerl logo.jpg
Imprint Logo of the Gerl Manufactur, Germany
File:Gerl pypuple.jpg
Pyramid of Purple. The original was a gift for a famous Person in 2005

Gerl is a German manufacturer of wood crafts. The artist Egon Gerl is known by celebrities and politicians as a specialist for unique and extraordinary designs.

Gerl Manufactur was established in 1992 as a private company in Landshut in Bavaria, Germany. The company is a family-owned business and only produces a few crafts every year. Some of the famous crafts are displayed all the round the world including San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Moscow.

All crafts assembled by Gerl have the Gerl Logo imprinted and comes with a signed certificate by the artist. Gerl is using a serial number system to ensure that the crafts are not copied and that collectors can be sure that they have an authentic Gerl craft.

In 2007 Gerl created three unique notable Humidors which are called Imperii I/II and Basileu.


In 2007 Gerl created the Imperii I and II Humidors which are build of an extraordinary combination of wood materials (German Maple, Cedrela odorata, Swiss Pear). But the clue on those Humidors are not the material but the internal system to keep up the required 70% humidity. It features a sponge which has to be filled with water and the internal construction uses the water to maintain the humidity.

The Basileu Humidor is build completely of Cedrela odorata (Spanish Ceder) and has the same system as the Imperii. It value is priced at $12.000.

Pyramid of Blue

The Pyramid of Blue is a unique designed pyramid to store jewels. The Original was a gift for a famous Person in 2005. Gerl produced another Pyramid which is called "Pyramid of Purple".

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