Germanus of Granfelden

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Saint Germanus of Granfelden
Born c. 612
Died 675
near Moutier
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 21 February

Saint Germanus of Granfelden (* ca. 612 in Trier;[1] † 675 near Moutier, Bern, Switzerland) was the first abbot of Moutier-Grandval Monastery.

Germanus hailed from a family of senators in Trier. He became a monk in Remiremont monastery near Metz, later in Luxeuil. When around 640 the monastery Moutier-Grandval was founded, Abbot Waldebert of Luxeuil put him in charge of the monastery in which Germanus served for 35 years.

According to legend, Duke Eticho wanted to subdue in 675 the area around Delémont. Germanus and Randoald met him for negotiations near Courtételle (southwest of Delémont). After discussions Germanus and Randoald were slain on their way back by supporters of the Duke.

His day is 21 February. His crosier, one of the oldest remaining, is kept at Musée jurassien d'art et d'histoire in Delémont.


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