Giovanni Domenico Campiglia

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File:Cardeal Câmara de Atalaia.jpg
Portrait of Cardinal-Patriarch José Manoel da Câmara by Giovanni Domenico Campiglia, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, 1758

Giovanni Domenico Campiglia (1692–1768) was an Italian painter and engraver from Florence, active under the patronage of the House of Medici.

He initially trained under Tommaso Redi and Lorenzo del Moro, then in Bologna under Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole. During his career, Campiglia was employed at Rome and Florence, painting and engraving historical subjects and portraits. Campiglia worked with Antonio Francesco Gori for over a decade on the Museum Florentium, a collection of images of all the famous artists of Florence. Campiglia's contributions were published in 1734, which induced Pope Clement XII to bring him to Rome. There he worked with historian Giovanni Gaetano Bottari in engravings for his multi-volume Musei Capitolini. His highly finished drawings of antique and famous statues of Rome were highly prized by British tourists.