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GitLab logo.png
Gitlab screenshot december 2015.png
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Git repository hosting service
Collaborative revision control
Registration Optional
Available in English
Owner GitLab Inc.
Alexa rank
Increase 5,810 (March 2016)[1]
Current status Online
GitLab Community Edition (CE)
Developer(s) GitLab Inc.
Written in Ruby
Type Project management software
License MIT License
Website gitlab-ce on GitLab
GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE)
Developer(s) GitLab Inc.
Written in Ruby
Type Project management software
License Proprietary and money required
Website gitlab-ee on GitLab

GitLab, the software, is a web-based Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features.

GitLab, the company, offers hosted accounts similar to GitHub, but also allows its software to be used on third-party servers.

It is available as an Omnibus package.[2]

The software was written by Dmitriy Zaporozhets from Ukraine; the CEO, Sytse Sijbrandij, is based in Utrecht. The code is written in Ruby. As of May 2016, the company has more than 80 salaried employees and more than 1000 open source contributors. It is used by more than 100,000 organizations including Jülich Research Center, NASA, Alibaba, Invincea, O’Reilly Media, Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) and CERN.[3][4][5][6]


Originally, the product was named GitLab and was fully free and open source software distributed under the MIT License.[7]

In July 2013,[8] the product was split:

  • GitLab CE: Community Edition
  • GitLab EE: Enterprise Edition

At that time, the license of GitLab CE and GitLab EE remained free and open source software distributed under the MIT License.

In February 2014, GitLab announced[9] adoption of an open core business model. GitLab EE is set under a proprietary license, and contains features not present in the CE version.[10]

In July 2015, the company raised an additional $1.5 million in seed funding.[11] Customers as of 2015 included Alibaba Group, IBM, and SpaceX.[11]

In September 2015, GitLab raised $4 million in Series A funding from Khosla Ventures.[12]


GitLab believes that everyone should be able to contribute, and supports an open philosophy. The company publicly publishes its handbook, including its strategy,[13] direction,[14] and information about the company's history and stewardship of the product.[15]

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