Giulietto Chiesa

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Giulietto Chiesa
Giulietto Chiesa Axis for Peace 2005-11-18.jpg
Giulietto Chiesa, 2005
Born (1940-09-04) 4 September 1940 (age 78)
Acqui Terme, Province of Alessandria, Italy
Occupation Journalist, Politician

Giulietto Chiesa (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈljetto ˈkjɛza]; born on 4 September 1940 in Acqui Terme, Province of Alessandria, Italy) is an Italian journalist and politician, and was a Member of the European Parliament for North-West Italy with the Independent - Di Pietro-Occhetto List Civil Society. Originally, he represented Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, after 2006 he sat with the Party of European Socialists. Chiesa sat on the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade.

Chiesa held a number of important positions in the Italian Communist Party before it was dissolved in 1991.

He was a substitute for the Committee on Culture and Education and a member of the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

In the 2009 European Parliament elections, Chiesa was a candidate on the ForHRUL list in Latvia.[1][2]

He is an active supporter of various conspiracy theories, about September 11 attacks, chemtrails, and HAARP[3]


Giulietto Chiesa speaks Russian well and has written a couple of books in co-authorship with Roy Medvedev. In 1988, their book «The USSR that changed» (in Italian: L’URSS che cambia) was published. In 1990, they published another book, written in the format of discussions: «The Revolution of Gorbachev» (ital. La rivoluzione di Gorbaciov), initially published in the US («Time of Change», Pantheon Books, 1990), later also in Japan.

Chiesa later[when?] become a spokesman in Europe for 9/11 Truth Movement. In September 2008, Chiesa, along with Thierry Meyssan and Gen. Leonid Ivashov participated in a debate on Russian Television about the events of 11 September 2001.[4]

He has produced the documentary film Zero[5][6](which was broadcast on Russian Television in September 2008), as well as a collection of essays of the same name which were published in Italy in the late summer of 2007 which suggests that the United States Government was directly involved in planning and executing the attacks. In an interview with PressTV, Chiesa stated that the attacks involved a calculated conspiracy involving US, Pakistani and Saudi secret services. The film features novelist Gore Vidal, playwright Dario Fo, and retired American Philosophy professor David Ray Griffin. Regarding who was responsible for the attacks, Chiesa stated "Who knows what happened? Ninety-nine percent of the documents related to the issue have been kept confidential."[7] Chiesa also stated that "Some of the individuals appearing in the film are former FBI and CIA agents, people who have in a sense taken a very big risk in speaking out. I am very grateful to them because they have done a big job. The film would not have been possible without them." Chiesa stated that ZERO had been seen in France and Belgium at individual screenings, and by more than 20,000 people in Italy.[8]

The hypothesis proposed in the movie haS been analyzed by several debunking groups, both Italian and international, in particular by the Italian group Undicisettembre, who highlighted several inaccuracies and contradictions present in the movie.[9]

In September 2008, Chiesa called for an international tribunal to probe the events of 11 September 2001 and stated that "Our task is to inform millions of people of the true situation." Regarding the showing of Zero in a primetime television slot in Russia, Chiesa stated "that means that some 30 million Russian citizens will learn the truth about what happened, which is a very big result for me."[8]

Later, Chiesa took part in the founding of the "Megachip" association.[10]

In December 2014, Chiesa was declared Persona non grata by the Government of Estonia after he was invited to appear at a conference on Russia, which the Estonian security services believed to be a front for the Russian foreign intelligence service. He entered Estonia for the conference and was arrested in Tallinn and deported.[11]

2008 Russian-Georgian Conflict

Regarding the 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia, Chiesa stated that "Russia did precisely what had to be done." He also stated that "I think Europe is partly responsible for this war: by unconditionally supporting Georgia’s president Mikheil Saakashvili and his claims in South Ossetia and Abkhazia." Regarding media coverage of the war, Chiesa stated that "the information given by the media is a shame for the west. Western news channels broadcast images and titles that were politically biased. Some claimed Russia wanted to conquer Georgia, although no evidence whatsoever backs up that argument. Mikheil Saakashvili was portrayed as the unfortunate victim of Big Bad Putin, and very often, images of Tskhinvali razed by bombs were not shown. It is the worst coverage I have seen since the war in Iraq."[12]



  • 1967–1968: National Vice-Chairman of the Italian Goliardic Union (Unione Goliardica Italiana, UGI)
  • 1968–1970: Member of the National Secretariat of the Italian Communist Youth Federation
  • 1971–1979: Member of the secretariat of the PCI - Federation of Genoa
  • 1975–1979: PCI group leader on the Provincial Council of Genoa
  • Since 1981: Professional journalist
  • 1989–1990: Fellow of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies
  • 1990: Moscow correspondent, first of all, for L'Unità (1980) then for La Stampa


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