Giulio de' Medici (d. 1600)

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Giulio de' Medici
File:Giulio di alessandro de' medici, xvii century print.jpg
Spouse(s) Lucrezia Gaetani
Caterina de' Medici
Cosimo de' Medici (illegitimate)
Giuliano de' Medici (illegitimate)
Noble family Medici
Father Alessandro de' Medici, Duke of Florence
Mother Taddea Malaspina
Born between 1533 to 1537
Prato, Duchy of Florence
Died 1600
Pisa, Duchy of Florence

Giulio de' Medici (between 1533 to 1537 [1] - 1600) was the illegitimate son of Alessandro de' Medici, the Duke of Florence, and probably of Taddea Malaspina.

Aged no more than four at the time of his father's assassination, he was passed over as a choice for the succession in favour of Cosimo I de' Medici, the first of the "junior" branch of the Medici to rule Florence. He was placed under the guardianship of Cosimo I and raised at his court. In 1562 he was appointed the first knight of the Order of Saint Stephen, an order founded to combat pirates and Turks in the Mediterranean Sea. As Admiral of the Order, from 1563 to 1566, he was sent to help the Knights Hospitallers during the Siege of Malta in 1565. He also acted as an ambassador, to Mantua in 1565; to Rome in 1571 and again in 1573.

Giulio was married to Lucrezia Gaetani. They had a daughter, Caterina, who became a Benedictine nun and died in 1634. He also had two illegitimate sons, Cosimo, who followed him as a knight of the Order of Saint Stephen, and Giuliano.

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