Godfrey II, Count of Louvain

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Godfrey II
Duke of Lower Lorraine
Landgrave of Brabant
Count of Louvain
Count of Brussels
Spouse(s) Luitgarde of Sulzbach
Titles and styles
The Duke of Lower Lorraine
The Landgrave of Brabant
The Count of Louvain and Brussels
Noble family House of Reginar
Father Godfrey I, Count of Louvain
Mother Ida of Chiny
Born c. 1110
Died 13 June 1142 (aged 32)

Godfrey II (c. 1110 – 13 June 1142) was the count of Louvain, landgrave of Brabant by inheritance from 23 January 1139. He was the son of Godfrey I and Ida of Chiny. He was also the duke of Lower Lorraine (as Godfrey VII), and as such also margrave of Antwerp, by appointment in 1139 after the death of Duke Waleran.

He was first associated with his father in 1136, when he first carried the ducal title. This was confirmed by Conrad III of Germany, who had married the sister of Godfrey's wife. Waleran left a son, Henry II of Limburg, who asserted his father's ducal rights. Godfrey and Henry entered into a war in which the latter was decisively and quickly destroyed. Godfrey did not long enjoy his victory. He was killed by a disease of the liver two years thence. He was buried in St. Peter's Church in Louvain.

He married Luitgarde, daughter of Berengar II of Sulzbach and sister of Gertrude von Sulzbach, wife of Conrad III of Germany, and Bertha, wife of Manuel I Comnenus, the emperor of Byzantium. He was succeeded by his son Godfrey III in both the counties and the duchy.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Austria coat of arms simple.svg Duke of Lower Lorraine
Margrave of Antwerp

Succeeded by
Godfrey III of Louvain