Gottfried of Admont

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Gottfried of Admont[1] (died 1165) was the Benedictine abbot of Admont Abbey from 1137 until his death. He is considered to be a reformer and the founder of the "school of Admont", and he is also credited with greatly improving the abbey's library.[2]

He was an influential figure, undertaking with Otto of Freising and Berthold of Brixen a papal commission relative to the proposed bishopric of Seckau.[3] He strongly backed St Eberhard, who became bishop of Salzburg in 1146.

Many homilies are attributed to him,[4] taking the character of exegesis;[5] it is now doubted whether he was the author of all of them. His brother Irimbert was a successor as abbot, and may have written some of them.[6]


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