Governorates of Lebanon

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Governorates of Lebanon
محافظات لبنان (Arabic)
Also known as:
Category Unitary state
Location Lebanese Republic
Number 6 governorates
Populations 316,541 (Nabatieh) – 2,543,578 (Mount Lebanon)
Areas 20 km2 (7.6 sq mi) (Beirut) – 4,400 km2 (1,710 sq mi) (Beqaa)
Government Governorate government, National government
Subdivisions District
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Lebanon is divided into six governorates (muhafazah):

Governorate Arabic Capital city Key
Beirut بيروت Beirut 1
Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان Baabda 2
North الشمال Tripoli 3
Beqaa البقاع Zahleh 4
Nabatiye النبطية Nabatiye 5
South الجنوب Sidon 6

All of the governorates except for Beirut are divided into districts, and then subdivided into municipalities.

Two new governorates have been approved but not yet implemented: Akkar (from Akkar District) and Baalbek-Hermel (from Baalbek District and Hermel District). [1]

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