Monarchy of Greece

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Monarchy of Greece
Royal Coat of Arms of Greece.svg
King Constantine.jpg
Constantine II
Style His Majesty
First monarch Otto I
(as King of Greece)
Last monarch Constantine II
(as King of the Hellenes)
Formation 27 May 1832
Abolition 1 June 1973
Residence New Royal Palace
Appointer Hereditary
Pretender(s) Constantine II

The Monarchy of Greece (Μοναρχία της Ελλάδας) or Greek Monarchy (Ελληνική Μοναρχία) was the government in which a hereditary monarch was the sovereign of the Kingdom of Greece from 1832 to 1924 and 1935 to 1973.


The Monarch of Greece was created by the London Conference of 1832 at which the First Hellenic Republic was abolished.

In 1832 Prince Otto of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach was styled Otto I, King of Greece which he reigned for 30 years until he was deposed in 1862.

A head of state referendum was held in 1862 to name a new King. Most of the Greek people wanted Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh to be the new King. He won the referendum by 230,016 against the Duke of Leuchtenberg. Alfred declined to be King, and so did every candidate until Prince William of Denmark of the House of Glücksburg who received six votes. William was elected unanimously by the Greek Assembly, and became George I, King of the Hellenes.

There was a referendum in 1920 to restore Constantine I as monarch, but four years later the Second Hellenic Republic was established and the monarchy was abolished following a referendum in 1924. Then in 1935 the Monarchy was restored after a referendum and a referendum in 1946.

In 1973 the Greek military junta called a referendum in 1973, which abolished the Monarchy for the second time in Greek history. Then in 1974 the Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis called a referendum in 1974 which formally abolished the Monarchy.


Tatoi was the private residence and 10,000 acre estate outside of Athens originally bought by King George I in the 1870s. The property was seized by the Republic following the 1974 referendum and has long been contentious issue between the former Royal Family and the Greek state.

List of Greek Monarchs

Monarch Consort Reign Royal House
# Portrait Name Portrait Name Reign start Reign end
1 Otto of Greece.jpg King Otto I
Joseph Karl Stieler - Duchess Marie Frederike Amalie of Oldenburg, Queen of Greece.jpg Queen Amalia
27 May 1832
23 October 1862
House of Wittelsbach
2 King George's Portrait by Georgios Iakovidis.jpg King George I
Γεώργιος Α'
Laszlo - Queen Olga of Greece.jpg Queen Olga
30 March 1863 18 March 1913 House of Glücksburg
3 Constantine I of Greece.jpg King Constantine I
Κωνσταντίνος Α'
Sophia of Prussia.jpg Queen Sophia
18 March 1913 11 June 1917
House of Glücksburg
4 King Alexander of Greece.jpg King Alexander I
Αλέξανδρος Α'
Aspasia Manos.jpg Princess Aspasia
Ασπασία [2]
11 June 1917 25 October 1920 House of Glücksburg
(3) Constantine I of Greece.jpg King Constantine I
Κωνσταντίνος Α'
Sophia of Prussia.jpg Queen Sophia
19 December 1920 27 September 1922
House of Glücksburg
5 Georgeiiofgreece.jpg King George II
Γεώργιος Β΄
Elisabeta a Romaniei.jpg Queen Elisabeth
27 September 1922 25 March 1924
House of Glücksburg
Second Hellenic Republic
(5) Georgeiiofgreece.jpg King George II
Γεώργιος Β΄
Divorced 3 November 1935 1 April 1947 House of Glücksburg
6 Paul I of Greece.jpg King Paul I
Παύλος Α'
Frederika of Greece 1.jpg Queen Frederica
1 April 1947 6 March 1964 House of Glücksburg
7 King Constantine.jpg King Constantine II
Κωνσταντίνος Β΄
H.M. Queen Anne-Marie of Greece Allan Warren cropped.jpg Queen Anne-Marie
6 March 1964 1 June 1973
House of Glücksburg

Royal Consorts

Regents of Greece

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  1. Protocol signed in 1832 but landed in Greece on 6 February 1833
  2. Aspasia and Alexander's marriage was kept secret, and Aspasia was never styled as Queen of the Hellenes. Sometime after Alexander's death she was recognized as a Princess of Greece and Denmark instead.