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The Green Party of New Jersey is the state party organization for New Jersey of the Green Party of the United States.

The Green Party of New Jersey is one of the more active Green state affiliates having run over 150 candidates for office. Its co-founders were Nick Mellis (2008-2009 Chair) and Steve Welzer. The party experienced its first non-partisan electoral victory in 1999 when (1997-1998 Party Chair) Gary Novosielski was elected by voters in Rutherford to the Board of Education of the Rutherford School District.[1] In January 2003, Matt Ahearn a New Jersey state legislator who had been elected to the New Jersey General Assembly as a Democrat in 2002, switched his registration to the Green Party, becoming the party's first state-level representative.[2] Ahearn ran for re-election as a Green Party candidate in 2003 but lost to Robert M. Gordon, the Democratic candidate for office.[3]

Green candidates ran for town council in Aberdeen, New Jersey in 2007. They received 12,808 [4] total votes, placing third place.

In 2012, registered nurse and medical marijuana advocate Ken Wolski was the GPNJ nominee. He finished in fourth place out of eleven candidates.

As of December 2014, there were 1,302 registered Greens in New Jersey, with the highest registration numbers in Bergen, Monmouth, Middlesex, and Camden counties.[5]

Elected officials

As of May 2013, there is one elected registered Green in New Jersey for a non-partisan office. [6]

  • Gary Novosielski, School Board, Rutherford

Election results[7]


Year Nominee Votes
1997 Madelyn R. Hoffman 10,703 (0.44%)
2001 Jerry L. Coleman 6,238 (0.28%)
2005 Matthew Thieke 12,315 (0.54%)
2009 None NA
2013 Steve Welzer 8,295 (0.39%)

Presidential nominee results

Year Nominee Votes
1996 Ralph Nader 32,465 (1.06%)
2000 Ralph Nader 94,554 (2.97%)
2004 David Cobb 1,807 (0.05%)
2008 Cynthia McKinney 3,636 (0.09%)
2012 Jill Stein 9,888 (0.27%)


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