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Native to Sweden
Region Gotland
Native speakers
5,000 (1998)[1][unreliable source?]
Early forms
Old Gutnish
  • Gutnish
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog gutn1238[2]

Gutnish, or Gotlandic, is a Scandinavian language spoken on the island of Gotland in Sweden – generally considered to be a dialect of Swedish. Most Gotlanders speak Standard Swedish and contemporary Gutnish has been significantly influenced by it. It is an open issue whether the traditional Gutnish (Sometimes called Older Gutnish) dialect which was close to Old Gutnish, should be considered an independent language or a dialect of Swedish.[3][4] There are major efforts to revive the traditional variety of Gutnish, and the Gutamålsgillet (Gutnish Language Guild) are organizing classes and meetings for speakers of traditional Gutnish.[5] According to the webpage of the guild, there are now 1500 people using Gutnish on Facebook.[6][7]


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