Hana Sugisaki

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Hana Sugisaki
Born (1997-10-02) October 2, 1997 (age 22)
Nationality Japanese
Other names Hana Kajiura[1]
Occupation Actress
Years active 2006 – 2009, 2011 – present

Hana Sugisaki (杉咲花 Sugisaki Hana?, born October 2, 1997) is a Japanese actress who was previously signed to Stardust Promotion. Her former stage name was Hana Kajiura.[1]


Hana Sugisaki debuted as a child actress with Stardust Promotion under the stage name Hana Kajiura (梶浦花).[1] She withdrew from the industry for a period of time, but subsequently decided that she wanted to become an actress.[2] She choose this time to sign with the Ken-On group, because actress Mirai Shida, whom Hana is a fan of, belongs to this talent agency.[2] She re-debuted with Ken-On on April 2011.[3]



  • Ouran High School Host Club as Reiko Kanazuki (TBS, 2011) (episode 7-11)
  • Don Quixote (NTV, 2011) as Rina Takazawa (ep.7)
  • Humanoid Monster, Bem (NTV, 2011) as Yui Natsume
  • 13-sai no Hellowork (TV Asahi, 2012) as Chisato Saeki (ep.2)
  • Family Song (Fuji TV, 2012) as Kokoro Osawa
  • Miss Double Faced Teacher (TBS, 2012) as Kaoru Noma
  • Resident: Story of 5 Interns (TBS, 2012) as Ruka Ueno (ep.4)
  • Ferris Wheel at Night (TBS, 2013) as Ayaka Endo
  • Nameless Poison as Michika Furuya (TBS, 2013) (ep.6-11 "Nameless Poison")
  • Emergency Interrogation Room (TV Asahi, 2014) as Nao Makabe
  • Mysterious Transfer Student (TV Tokyo, 2014) as Asuka
  • Shinigami-kun (TV Asahi, 2014) as Hitomi Saionji (ep.3)
  • Mozu Season 1 (TBS/WOWOW, 2014) as Megumi Osugi
  • Gakkō no Kaidan (NTV, 2015) as Mimori Kōda
  • Toto Neechan (NHK, 2016) as Yoshiko Kohashi
  • Montage (Fuji TV, 2016) as Natsumi Nakano


TV Film

  • Jiken Kyumeii 2 - IMAT no Kiseki as Aki Tachibana



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