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Hans Molisch (December 6, 1856, Brünn, Habsburg Moravia - December 8, 1937, Wien, Austria) was a Czech-Austrian botanist.

He taught as a professor at the German University of Prague (1894-), Vienna University (1909-1928), Tohoku Imperial University (now Tohoku University, Japan; 1922-1925), and a university in India.

From 1931 to 1937 he acted as the vice-president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Hans Molisch expanded on Julius von Sachs's work by developing ´starch pictures´ in intact leaves by using actual photographic negatives as masks over the illuminated leaves.[1]

Literary works

  • Die Pflanzen in ihren Beziehungen zum Eisen, 1892
  • Leuchtende Pflanzen, 1904
  • Die Purpurbakterien, 1907
  • Die Eisenbakterien, 1910
  • Mikrochemie der Pflanzen, 1913
  • Pflanzenphysiologie, 1920
  • Pflanzenphysiologie in Japan, 1926
  • Im Lande der aufgehenden Sonne, 1927


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