Harleian genealogies

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Harleian genealogies
Author(s) anonymous
Language Latin
Date 10th century
Manuscript(s) British Library, Harleian MS 3859 (c. 1100-1200)
Genre genealogical collection

The Harleian genealogies are a collection of Old Welsh genealogies preserved in British Library, Harleian MS 3859. Part of the Harleian Collection, the manuscript, which also contains the Annales Cambriae (Recension A) and a version of the Historia Brittonum, has been dated to c. 1100, although a date of c.1200 is also possible.[1] Since the genealogies begin with the paternal and maternal pedigrees of Owain ap Hywel Dda (d. 988), the material was probably compiled during his reign.[1] The collection also traces the lineages of less prominent rulers of Wales and the Hen Ogledd or Old North. Some of the genealogies re-appear in the genealogies of Jesus College MS. 20.


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