Harry C. Claiborne

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Harry C. Claiborne (January 1859 - 1918) was an American lighthouse keeper.[1]


He was born in January 1859 in New Orleans.[2] He began his career as assistant keeper of the Southwest Pass Light in Louisiana in 1887.[3] In 1889 he was made head keeper of the Pass a l'Outre Light. In 1895 he was transferred to the Bolivar Point Light near Galveston, Texas. He was on duty when the Galveston Hurricane hit the station on September 8, 1900.[1] 125 people eventually took refuge inside the light tower, including Claiborne's family and that of the assistant keeper; Claiborne oversaw their care until further help was forthcoming.[1][4] In 1915, he again cared for 50 hurricane refugees who took shelter in the tower.

Claiborne died on duty at the Bolivar Point station in 1918.


A USCG coastal buoy tender WLM-561 based in Galveston, Texas, is named after him.[1][3]


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