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Hash Code Cracker 1.2
Developer(s) NEO Developer
Stable release 1.2 / October 4, 2011; 6 years ago (2011-10-04)
Operating system All
Type password cracking
License GNU GPL
Website http://crackerpassword.sourceforge.net

Hash Code Cracker is a tool that recover the original text from the Hash codes. This tool uses dictionary attack to crack the MD5, SHA, NTLM(windows) Hashes. It is free open source (GPL licensed) program. Dictionary attack is a method of recovering passwords using known passwords. In this method, the known passwords are listed in a dictionary file. The Hash code will be compared with the known password's hashes. If it finds any matches, it will return the password.

Attack Method

Hash Code cracker uses Dictionary Attack. It takes sample words from word list (often called as dictionary), generate hashes for each words, then it will compared with the Hash code that you want to crack. It can perform variety of changes (case changes, reversing words, etc..) in the words and generate hashes. The program also supports Online Cracking.


  • Easy to use, GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Use dictionary attack
  • Ability to crack:
    • MD2 hashes
    • MD5 hashes
    • SHA-1 hashes
    • NTLM (Windows Password)
    • SHA-256,SHA-384,SHA-512 Hashes


Hash code cracker 1.2 is released on 4, October 2011. It is developed in Java using Swing. It is portable software (works in any operating system without modifications). The Development team is developing the tool in order to use the Brute force attack also for cracking. It has the requirements of Java Runtime Environment.

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