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A hate crime hoax is a hoax that occurs "when someone fabricates a crime and attributes it to the victim's race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, or citizenship status; or when an actual crime has been committed and the perpetrator falsely blames someone because of those factors.

Confirmed Hoaxes

What follows is a listing of hate crimes which have been proven to be hoaxes. The initial seeding of this list comes from a May 2016 Breitbart article[1] by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Also, there already exists a Fake Hate Crimes database which is likely more substantial.

Date Category Description Source
May 1992 Racial Azalea Cooley was a disabled black lesbian suffering from brain cancer, and she claimed to be a victim of a rash of harassment. Someone painted a swastika on her house along with the phrase, “Burn, N——r, Burn.” Later, there were more painted swastikas, demeaning letters, burning crosses, and even a black baby doll with a .38-caliber bullet lodged in it. Because of the extreme nature of the harassment, multiple community activists and the police jumped to Cooley’s defense. The police, however, became suspicious about the attacks. Without telling the police chief, investigators set up a hidden camera to see who was continually trespassing on the residence to intimidate Cooley. The footage showed Cooley walking past her wheelchair to plant a cross on the lawn to light. When the police showed her the evidence, she slit her wrists. In the hospital, she admitted that not only had she committed the hate crimes, but she also revealed she was neither disabled nor suffering from cancer. [2]
Apr 2005 Racial Alicia Hardin, a black student at Trinity International University, had sent threatening, hate-filled letters to two black students and one Hispanic student through campus mail, in order to force her parents to send her to another college. The police charged her with disorderly conduct. [2]
Oct 2007 Racial Sarah Marshak, a Jewish freshman at George Washington University, complained to the administration that someone had drawn a swastika on the whiteboard hung on her dorm room door. Over the next few days, not only were more swastikas found on her door, but a fellow Jewish student found a swastika drawn on her whiteboard as well. Then, there was another swastika on Marshak’s door, and then another and, finally, some students found another drawn on the fence of the George Washington hospital. After Marshak claimed that she had received two more drawings, the university called the FBI. Over the next two days, a perpetrator defaced another dorm, New Hall, by drawing another swastika and writing “n——rs” on a poster for a black engineering student group’s event. Things were appearing to get out of hand when footage from a hidden camera revealed the “Nazi.” Marshak drew at least three of the swastikas on her whiteboard. Hours before her admission, she had denied that she was responsible at all. Due to her breaking the school’s honor code, the university expelled her. [2]
Nov 2007 Racial Ramani Sri Pilla falsely reported to the FBI that she received racially-charged hate mail. She told FBI investigators that between August 2006 and February 2007, she received four hate letters, and named three co-workers as possible suspects and said the letters were likely retaliation for making discrimination complaints to the university. She later admitted that she wrote the letters and sent them to herself. She received a six-month prison sentence. [3]
Oct 2008 Racial News outlets from Scranton, Pa., to ABC News to the Associated Press and MSNBC reported that someone at a Sarah Palin rally shouted “kill him” when Obama’s name was mentioned. In fact, the Secret Service (which was at the event in full force) couldn’t find a single person to corroborate the story — other than the local reporter for the Scranton Times-Tribune who made an international incident out of the claim. Agent Bill Slavoski “said he was in the audience, along with an undisclosed number of additional secret service agents and other law enforcement officers, and not one heard the comment,” the paper reported in a red-faced follow-up. [4]
Oct 2008 Racial Liberal blogs spread the rumor that a Republican supporter of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s had shouted that Obama was “a nigger” during a campaign rally in Iowa. Video and firsthand accounts showed that the protester did not shout “he’s a nigger,” but “he’s a redistributor.” A lefty activist at the “progressive” Daily Kos blog confirmed the truth — but to this day, the crisis-manufacturing smear stands uncorrected and unretracted across the Internet. [4]
Oct 2008 Political Affiliation, Racial Ashley Todd told Pittsburgh police that a knife-wielding black man robbed her and etched a “B” into her face after he saw a McCain bumper sticker on her car. Todd confessed to making up the story. [5]
Aug 2009 Political Affiliation Maurice Schwenkler, a Democrat, wore a shirt over his face, a hooded sweat shirt and latex gloves, and he and another man smashed 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters in Denver. Maurice and the other man fled the scene on bicycles, but was apprehended after a short chase. State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed the vandalism on animosity surrounding the health care debate. [6]
Feb 2012 Racial Khalilah Ford, a black student, created fliers that said "N——rs will die in 2 days. No n——rs wanted." and had a list of names of 13 black students. The reason why she made a hoax letter was that she didn’t believe that the university was taking the “noose incidents" (found rubber bands that resembled a noose) seriously. She thus decided to send a hoax letter to another black student hoping to draw further attention. The police charged her with disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer. [2]
Mar 2012 Racial Kassim Alhimidi murdered his wife, Shaima Alawadi, because his marriage to the victim had collapsed. He left a note that said, “This is my country. Go back to yours, you terrorist.” The court proceedings turned into a circus as Kassim’s outbursts and antics halted the trial at various times. The jury, however, found him guilty of first-degree murder, and when they sentenced him 26 years to life, his sons shouted out and deputies even had to drag one of the sons from the room. [2]
Aug 2012 Sexual Orientation Joseph Baken, a gay man, claimed that after having asked some people where a gay bar could be located, three men jumped him. At the police station, the officers took pictures of his bruises and cuts. When the police asked for tips concerning the crime, an anonymous individual sent in a cell phone video to the Missoula Independent and the local police department. The video showed that Baken had been trying to impress his friends by attempting back flips that Sunday night. He had literally fallen flat on his face. The following Tuesday, he turned himself in for filing a false report, and the authorities swiftly prosecuted him because of all the outrage that he had caused locally and on the Internet. [2]
Oct 2012 Racial Sharmeka Moffitt, a 20-year-old Winnsboro woman claimed that racially indeterminate men wearing white hoods had doused her with flammable liquid and set her ablaze at a local park near a walking trail. They had also written “KKK” and a racial slur on her car and then left her for dead. Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas revealed that the authorities had found a lighter and bottle of lighter fluid with her fingerprints on them. There was no evidence that anybody else was even in the area at the time. [2]
Oct 2012 Sexual Orientation Lesbian couple Cristel Conklin and Aimee Whitchurch reported someone spray-painted “Kill the Gay” across the garage door and drew a target on the front door, and the next night that they found a noose on the doorstep. The FBI conducted a thorough investigation. They tested for paint residue on the couple’s palms and they asked them to take a lie detector test. The couple declined. After getting witness statements, the FBI determined that the couple spray-painted the words themselves. The police charged them with criminal mischief and false reporting. [2]
Mar 2013 Racial Olander D. Cuthrell faked an arson attack on his own house, and claimed it was due to race, as someone had written racial slurs on the sides of his house. To the police, the story wasn’t adding up and, after a brief investigation, they arrested him. Cuthrell admitted that he set the fires, saying that financial problems and stress revolving around the legal troubles of another son led him to want to commit suicide. The court sentenced him to two years in prison. [2]
Oct 2014 Racial Vincente Perez, a 20-year-old University of Chicago student, hacked the Facebook account of Derek Caquelin and left a message threatening rape against him and Perez. Caquelin and Perez claimed that a shadowy group, the UChicago Electronic Army, was responsible for the hack. Soon, the college requested a federal investigation of the incident while they also announced they would hold sessions for the university community concerned about the racial climate. The same day as the announcement, Caquelin posted on Facebook that he had made the hacking incident up. [2]
Dec 2015 Religions, Racial A mosque in a Houston strip mall was set on fire on Christmas day 2015 and CAIR subsequently suggested it was a hate crime.[7] On December 9, 2016, Gary Nathaniel Moore, who "had attended the mosque for five years" was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to setting the fire. [8]
Mar 2016 Religions, Racial Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker, former Northwestern University students, spray painted 'racist' and 'homophobic slurs along with the word 'Trump' on a chapel at Northwestern University on March 11 or March 12. They were subsequently charged with committing a hate crime but it seems clear they intended that the blame should fall on Trump supporters. The two pled to the lesser charge of vandalism and avoided jail time, although they had to pay restitution and pay fines. [9]
Mar 2016 Religious, Racial A Muslim woman claimed that she was slashed in the face by a man who called her a "terrorist." She subsequently admitted to police that "she made up the claim, and the wound was actually self-inflicted."[10]
Jun 2016 Sexual Orientation Youtube personality Callum McSwiggin claimed he was assaulted by three men outside a gay bar in June 2016. However, he was subsequently arrested for vandalizing a car at the scene. Officers attending said he "had no visible injuries." [11] He subsequently pleaded guilty to the change of vandalizing the car and the misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report was dropped.[12] McSwiggan seems to admit on his Facebook account of events that he deliberately injured himself while in custody.[13]
Jul 2016 Racial Between July and December 2016, Justin Lamar Coleman wrote threatening letters to the black pastor of the Overcoming Believers Church in East Knoxville where he pretended to be a very racist white KKK member. Threatening letters were also sent to other people in the community including the man he was impersonating. Under an agreement with prosecutors Coleman plead guilty to a Federal charge of mailing threatening communications. [14]
Nov 2016 Racial On November 1, 2016, a historically black church, the 110-year-old Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville Mississippi was set on fire after the words "Vote Trump" were "spray-painted on the side of the burning sanctuary." Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons called the fire a '“hateful and cowardly act,” sparked by the incendiary rhetoric of GOP nominee Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.'

However, on December 21, 2016, Andrew McClinton, an African-American member of the church, was arrested for the crime. Curiously, the state fire marshal "said investigators do not believe the fire was politically motivated."

Sep 2016 Racial On September 20, 2016, Eastern Michigan University reported that it was investigating " who is responsible for spray painting the letters "KKK" and a racial slur on the wall inside the courtyard of Julia Anne King Hall."

On October 23, 2017, it was reported that a "black man has been arrested in connection with a string of racist graffiti incidents at Eastern Michigan University that were protested by students on campus last fall."

Nov 2016 Religious On November 11, 2016, a female Muslim University of Michigan student claimed that "an unkempt man who appeared intoxicated had approached her near campus, displayed a lighter and threatened to light the garment."

Police subsequently determined that the event did not occur and that "there were inconsistencies in the student’s statement, and that witnesses came forward that further invalidated the report."

Nov 2016 Racial Eleesha Long, a Bowling Green State University student said "while walking down Crim St to ask for yard signs, three boys began to throw rocks at me," and used a racial slur. Bowling Green police determined that she made it all up. [20]
Nov 2016 Racial Also at Bowling Green State University, another student alleged "he had been pushed to the ground and robbed, all while the two perpetrators allegedly called him a racial slur." Campus police determined that it was false. [21]
Nov 2016 Racial, Political Affiliation A University of Louisiana Lafayette student who said she was physically attacked and robbed of her wallet and hijab made up the story, according to the Lafayette Police Department. She filed a police report Wednesday claiming two white males approached her near the campus, in the 100 block of Smith Street, around 11 a.m., and also claimed one of the males was wearing a “Trump” hat and they both yelled racial obscenities at her. [22]
Nov 2016 Sexual An unnamed female from Kirkland, Washington, claimed that she hand been sexually assaulted and that police would not investigate or file a police report. Police eventually determined that her claims were false and she is reported to have said her reason for making the claims was that she was “distraught over the recent election.” [23][24]
Nov 2016 Racial Ashley Boyer of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, posted that four white males harassed and threatened her with racial slurs and violence outside a gas station. That post has since been deleted. In its place: a Thursday morning update noting that "charges were filed, fugitives were caught. Yes I (know) names and no I will not release them." Police in Smyrna – where the incident is alleged to have occur – told PhillyVoice on Thursday that no such reports have been filed, and they haven’t heard from the alleged victim or anyone with information about a confrontation that occurred Wednesday. [25]
Nov 2016 Racial An unnamed African American man in Malden, MA, claimed that two white men approached him on Tuesday, November 15 when he alighted from a bus and made references to lynching as well as telling him that "this is Trump country now.” Malden police subsequently determined that the claims were false and the Malden police Chief said in a statement “The alleged victim admitted that he had made up the entire story” [26][27]
Nov 2016 Sexual Orientation George Nathaniel Stang claimed to have found graffiti on the walls of a gay-friendly, Episcopal church in Bean Blossom, Indiana in November, not long after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. The graffiti includes a Swastika, the words "Fag Church" and "Heil Trump." In May, 2017, Strang, the organist at the church was charged with "institutional criminal mischief." Police claim that Strang, a 26-year old gay man confessed to the crime saying that 'he wanted to "mobilize a movement after being disappointed in and fearful of the outcome of the national election."' [28][29]
Dec 2016 Religious, Racial Yasmin Seweid told police on December 1, 2016 that while riding the New York Subway she had been abused by three men who " called her a terrorist and tried to snatch her hijab off her head while straphangers did nothing but watch." She subsequently went into hiding but was charged with filing a false report on December 14, 2016. [30][31][32]
Dec 2016 Racial, On December 12, 2016, David and Jenny Williams from Denton, Texas, claimed to have woken to find that their truck and motorcycle were on fire and that someone had spray-painted their garage door with the words 'n***** lovers.'

David subsequently confessed to his wife that he had actually done all those things himself, but not until after police had launched a "hate crime investigation" and the well wishers had donated more than $5,000 to the couple.

Dec 2016 Racial Vincent Palmer III, an African American from Florida torched his girlfriend's car and left a note for her and her four children who are under five with references to the KKK and Donald Trump. He also wrote "I HAVE WATHED [sic] YOU FOR A LONG TIME YOU AND YOUR N***** KIDS DON'T Belong." [34]
Jan 2017 through March 2017 Racial Some time before March 23, 2017, a dual citizen of the USA and Israel was arrested in relation to making large numbers of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the world. In addition, Juan Thompson, a former reporter at The Intercept was arrested for making eight or more threats against Jewish Comunity Centers. [35][36][37][38]
March 2017 Religious In March 2017, Azhar Hussain, an assistant professor at Illinois State University reported that he had received anti-Muslim email and subsequently reported that he had been assaulted. He had recently been informed that his position would not be renewed. On April 21 he was arrested and charged with obstructing justice and harassment. [39]
May 2017 Racial On Saturday, May 29, 2017, Shaan Farooqi, a 21-year-old City Tech student from Pakistan claimed that three men in masks abducted him off the street and threw him into a van. He alleged that they then proceeded to punch him, steal his wallet and tell him "“Get out of my country, you sand n----r, or I’ll kill you and your family,..." Later the same day the same news source reported that it was all a hate crime hoax. [40][41]
September 2017 Racial On September 28, 2017, it was reported that "racial slurs" were written on message boards in the dormitories of the Air Force Academy. The head of the Academy, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria subsequently gave a much publicized speech condemning racism. It was subsequently discovered that a black cadet had written the racist graffiti. [42][43]

Suspected Hoaxes

Date Category Description Source
Nov 2016 Sexual Orientation Calgary filmmaker Chris Ball, 25, claimed he was assaulted by Donald Trump supporters following the candidate's win. Images circulated social media that featured Ball covered in blood after an alleged attack by Trump supports in Santa Monica, California. Social media accused Ball of perpetrating a hoax, with many pointing out that 1) the blood in the image "looks fake" and that it looks poorly applied 2) his white watch did not have a drop of blood on it 3) the picture claimed he was at the ER, but he had no wristband 4) Lieut. Saul Rodriguez of the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD), said there was "absolutely no" report of any such incident happening in the city 5) he changed his story, couldn't remember the time or the exact bar and 6) his career as a makeup artist and set designer for a number of TV shows and movies. [44]

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