Hector Durville

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Hector Durville

Hector Durville (1849–1923) was a French occultist and magnetizer. He is the father of Henri Durville

Durville directed the Journal of Magnetism, which had been founded by Baron du Potet. He founded a number of occult institutions including:

  • The University of High Studies, Paris. It consisted of the faculties of Hermetic Sciences, Magnetic Sciences and Spirit Sciences.
  • The Practical School of Magnetism, Mozart Avenue, Paris.
  • The Eudiaque Order, an initiate spiritual society, where the main objective consisted in magnifying the human person. Followers investigated animal magnetism and the effects of hypnosis.


  • The Mysteries of Eleusis
  • Magnétisme Personnel ou Psyquique, 1890 (Digital copy)
  • Les Actions Psychiques à Distance
  • Pour devenir Magnétiseur, 1890.

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