Heinrich Fraenkel

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Heinrich Fraenkel
Born (1897-09-28)28 September 1897
Lissa, Poland
Died 1 May 1986(1986-05-01) (aged 88)
Ealing, London, United Kingdom
Occupation Biographer, Hollywood writer, political author, activist
Genre Film, Nazi war crime, anti-Nazi, essays

Heinrich Fraenkel (28 September 1897 – May 1986) was an author and Hollywood writer most notable for his biographies of Nazi war criminals published in the 1960s and 1970s.


Fraenkel was born in Lissa, Poland (then Province of Posen, Germany). He emigrated from Nazi Germany and lived in Britain.

His works include Hess: A Biography (1971, with Roger Manvell). And

  • The Canaris Conspiracy: The Secret Resistance to Hitler in the German Army, by Roger Manvell, Heinrich Fraenkel, 1st Edition (1972).

Under the pseudonym Assiac, Fraenkel edited a chess column in the New Statesman and published several chess books, among them Adventures in Chess (1951, the American edition was published as The Pleasures of Chess).

He died in Ealing, England.

Selected filmography


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