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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Klingon pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

IPA Klingon Latin English equivalent
b[1] KlingonLang b.svg b ball
t͡ʃ KlingonLang ch.svg ch catch
ɖ[1] KlingonLang D.svg D guard
ɣ KlingonLang gh.svg gh Dutch gaan
x[2] KlingonLang H.svg H German Buch or Scottish loch
d͡ʒ KlingonLang j.svg j hedge
l KlingonLang l.svg l leaf
m KlingonLang m.svg m much
n KlingonLang n.svg n not
ŋ KlingonLang ng.svg ng sing
pʰ KlingonLang p.svg p pan
qʰ KlingonLang q.svg q
q͡χ[3] KlingonLang Q.svg Q
r (ɹ) KlingonLang r.svg r trilled r
ʂ KlingonLang S.svg S worship
tʰ KlingonLang t.svg t table
t͡ɬ[4] KlingonLang tlh.svg tlh little
v KlingonLang v.svg v van
w KlingonLang w.svg w well
j KlingonLang y.svg y yak
IPA Klingon Latin English equivalent
ɑ KlingonLang a.svg a father
ɛ KlingonLang e.svg e pest
ɪ KlingonLang I.svg I bit
o KlingonLang o.svg o gold
u KlingonLang u.svg u boot

IPA Klingon Latin English equivalent
ɑj KlingonLang a.svgKlingonLang y.svg ay price
ɛj KlingonLang e.svgKlingonLang y.svg ey face
ɪj KlingonLang I.svgKlingonLang y.svg Iy
oj KlingonLang o.svgKlingonLang y.svg oy choice
uj KlingonLang u.svgKlingonLang y.svg uy
ɑw KlingonLang a.svgKlingonLang w.svg aw mouth
ɛw KlingonLang e.svgKlingonLang w.svg ew Like in Spanish Europa
ɪw KlingonLang I.svgKlingonLang w.svg Iw cued

ˈ stress
(placed before stressed syllable)


  1. 1.0 1.1 /b/ and /ɖ/ are replaced by in the Krotmag dialect /m/ and /ɳ/ respectively, and in the Tak'ev dialect /mb/ and /ɳɖ/ respectively.
  2. In the Morskan dialect /x/ is replaced by /h/ at the beginning of syllables, or is dropped at the end of syllables.
  3. In the Morskan dialect /q͡χ/ is replaced by /x/.
  4. In the Morskan dialect /t͡ɬ/ is replaced by /t͡s/.