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The charts below show how the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Romansh language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

See Romansh phonology for a more thorough look at the sounds of Romansh.

IPA Examples English approximation
b bun; bler bike
d dent; dubel done
[1] agid; jet similiar to the /dʒ/ in jab
f fitg; flad; clav fast
ɡ gat; galant gas
k carr; architect; aug; kiosc; quai scar
l lavar; milli; val lip
ʎ egl; glieud; bigliet roughly like million
m milli; um mother
n nanin; onns nest
ŋ lung; lunga sing
ɲ bogn; gnerv roughly like canyon
p palpiri; appartament; verb spin
r[2] radical; carr; meglra roughly like water (American English)
s vossa; nus sorry
ʃ schanza; glisch; puspè; scopo ship
t teater; ti; agid star
ts cifra; bellezza; zunt cats
[3] chasa; tge similiar to the /k/ in key
Rumantsch chip
v grava; watt vent
z casa; rosa zipper
ʒ sbagl; Svizra; branscha; Grischun measure
j juvel; Italia; yak you
w quel; ual; walkman wine
Marginal consonant
h[4] haluncs; hobi hat
Dialectal consonant
ç[5] amih hue
IPA Examples English approximation
a banc; clav roughly like father
ə ~ ɐ[6] casa; mellen comma or roughly like gut
e bler; pér roughly like pay
ɛ è; pèr bed
i ti; istoric see
o biro; ovra roughly like law (British English)
ɔ pom; toc not
u[7] bun; udir too
Dialectal vowels[8]
ø chaschöl roughly like hurt
y tü roughly like cute (American English)
IPA Examples English approximation
ˈ comba [ˈkɔmbɐ] bottle
ˌ libramain [ˌlibrəˈmaːin] intonation
. gïun [dʒi.ˈun] moai
ː dar [daːr] long vowel


  1. Also transcribed as a palatal stop [ɟ] by some Romansh linguists
  2. Some speakers from some dialects pronounce [ʁ].
  3. Also transcribed as [c] by some Romansh linguists
  4. Only found in interjections and loanwards.
  5. Only found in some dialects.
  6. This pronunciation varies between these two realizations.
  7. In some dialects in some cases it's pronounced [o] or [ʊ].
  8. These vowels are only found in Putèr and Vallader dialects and German words.