Henuttawy (19th dynasty)

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Princess of Egypt
File:Relief princess Henuttawy Lepsius.jpg
Relief depicting princess Henuttawy, from Abu Simbel
Died Thebes?
Burial QV73, Valley of the Queens, Thebes
Dynasty 19th of Egypt
Father Ramesses II
Mother Nefertari
For other Egyptian ladies called Henuttawy see Henuttawy

Henuttawy (“Mistress of the Two Lands”) was an ancient Egyptian princess of the 19th dynasty.


Henuttawy was a daughter of Pharaoh Ramesses II and the Great Royal Wife Nefertari and half-sister of Merneptah.[1] She is the seventh on the lists of Ramesses's daughters and the second of two daughters whose mother is certain to have been Nefertari.

Her statue stands in the small Abu Simbel temple, built for Nefertari. The children of Nefertari are usually identified on the basis of this temple: the princes Amunherkhepeshef, Pareherwenemef, Meryre and Meryatum and the princesses Meritamen and Henuttawy. Henuttawy is not depicted on the facade of the large Abu Simbel temple, where the first two sons and the six eldest daughters of Ramesses are shown, along with Nefertari and Queen Mother Tuya.

Her tomb in the Valley of the Queens, QV73 is not far from those of other members of Ramesses's family (QV68 – Meritamen, QV71 – Bintanath, QV75 – Henutmire); it is between the tombs of her elder half-sister Bintanath and the 20th dynasty queen Duatentopet (QV74).


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