Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

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Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service
Operational area
Country  England
Counties  Herefordshire
Agency overview
Established 1974 (1974)
Employees 332
Chief Fire Officer Mark Yates
Facilities and equipment
Stations 27
Engines 41
Platforms 2
Rescues 1
USAR 5 modules
Rescue boats 4
Official website

The Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service covering Herefordshire and Worcestershire in the West Midlands region of England.

The service was created in 1974 when Herefordshire and Worcestershire were merged to create the county of Hereford and Worcester. The two counties were split up again in 1998 but the fire service remained, and is now run by a joint fire authority.

The Service covers an area of 3,908.59 km² with a population of 714,100. The service has 332 wholetime operational staff, 369 retained (part-time) staff, 21 Fire Control staff, as well as about 98 non-uniformed support staff. The busiest areas of Hereford and Worcester fire & rescue is Worcester and Redditch both averaging roughly 1500 call outs a year the Least busiest areas are Broadway and Fownhope averaging between 20-40 call outs a year neighbouring fire services include: Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Mid and West Wales, South Wales and the West Midlands.

Fire Stations/Appliances

Station Name Duty System Appliances
Urban Search & Rescue (Droitwitch) Retained 1x SWRU+IrbT, 1x PCV, 1x SDU, 3x PM for 5x USAR Pods
Worcester Wholetime/Day Crew +/Retained 2x WrT, 1x RP, 1x ALP, 1x SWRU+IrbT
Stourport-On-Severn Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrT, 1x EPU*
Bewdley Retained 1x WrT, 1x L4V+ATV
Kidderminster Wholetime/Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrT, 1x RP, 1x PM+HVP*, 1x PM+HVHL*
Bromsgrove Day Crew + /Retained 1x WrT, 1x RP,
Droitwich Spa Day Crewed/Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrT, 1x UHRP, 1x ISU, 2x YFT
Reddich Wholetime/Retained 1x WRT, 1x RP, 1x CRP, 1x YFT
Evesham Day Crewed/Retained 1x WrT, 1x RP, 1x WrC, 1x SWRU+IrbT
Pebworth Retained 1x WrT
Broadway Retained 1x RP
Pershore Retained 1x WrT
Upton-Upon-Severn Retained 1x CRP
Malvern Day Crewed/Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrT, 1x RP, 1x L4V+ATV, 1x LiRU*, 1x CSU*
Ledbury Retained 1x RP, 1x WrC
Fownhope Retained 1x WrT
Ross-On-Wye Retained 1x WrT, 1x RP
Whitchurch Retained 1x RP, 1x RAV
Hereford Wholetime/Day Crew +/Retained/Cross Crewed* 2x WrT, 1x UHRP, 1x ALP, 1x SWRU+IrbT, 1x IRU
Ewyas Herald Retained 1x RP
Eardisley Retained 1x WrT
Kington Retained 1x RP
Leintwardine Retained 1x RP
Kingsland Retained 1x WrT
Leominster Retained 1x WrT, 1x RP,
Tenbury Wells Retained 1x RP, 1x WRC
Bromyard Retained 1x WrT, 1x RP
Peterchurch Retained 1x RP, 1x RAV

Fire Appliance Glossary/Callsigns

  • Water Tender (WrT): 1/3
  • Rescue Pump (RP): 2
  • Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) Rescue Pump (CRP) 2/3
  • Ultra Heavy Rescue Pump (UHRP): 2
  • Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV): 5
  • Young Firefighters Tender (YFT)
  • Water Carrier (WrC): 7
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): 6
  • Light 4x4 Vehicle (L4V): 5
  • Light 4x4 Vehicle + All Terrain vehicle (L4V+ATV): 4/5
  • Swift Water Rescue Unit + Inshore Rescue Boat (SWRU+IrbT): 5
  • Command Support Unit (CSU): 8
  • Environmental Protection Unit (EPU): 8
  • Incident Support Unit (ISU): 8
  • Incident Response Unit (IRU) 8
  • Line Rescue Unit (LiRU): 8
  • Prime Mover + High Volume Pump (PM+HVP): M10
  • Prime Mover + High Volume Hose Layer (PM+HVHL): P10

CBRN Response:

Incident Response Unit (IRU): IR22

Urban Search & Rescue (USAR):

  • Search & Rescue Dog Unit (SDU): S136
  • Personnel Carrier Vehicle (PCV): S138
  • Prime Mover (PM): M54/M55/M56


  • Module 1 - Technical Search Equipment
  • Module 2 - Heavy Transport, Confined Space & Hot Cutting
  • Module 3 - Breaching & Breaking Equipment
  • Module 4 - Multi Purpose Vehicle
  • Module 5 - Shoring Operations

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