Hergé's Adventures of Tintin

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Hergé's Adventures of Tintin
Belvision titles.jpg
The title sequence of "The Crab with the Golden Claws"
Genre Animated Series
Created by Hergé
Greg (adaptation)
Directed by Ray Goossens
Voices of Dallas McKennon and Paul Frees (US Version)
Peter Hawkins (UK Version)
Country of origin Belgium
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 102
Producer(s) Raymond Leblanc
Running time 5 minutes (approx.)
Original release 1957 –
A screenshot from The Crab with the Golden Claws

Hergé's Adventures of Tintin (French: Les Aventures de Tintin, d'après Hergé) is the first animated television series based on Hergé's popular comic book series, The Adventures of Tintin. The series was produced by Belvision Studios and first aired in 1957. After two books were adapted in black and white, eight books were then adapted in colour, each serialised into a set of five-minute episodes, with 103 episodes produced (twelve in black and white and ninety-one in colour). The series was directed by Ray Goossens and written by comic artist Greg, who later became editor of Tintin magazine. It was produced by Raymond Leblanc, who launched Belvision and Tintin magazine.[1]

Changes from the books

Most stories in the series varied widely from the original books, often changing whole plots.[1]

In Black Island, Captain Haddock plays a leading part, whereas he wasn't in the original book. Professor Calculus makes a cameo. Puschov accuses Tintin of robbing him, but in an airport. Tintin and Haddock hide in post office bags to get to Sussex, but Haddock gets in the wrong bag, and they are separated. Tintin later finds Haddock in England examining the plane. Dr. Müller is older and white-haired, and has a goatee. Ranko doesn't break his arm in this version.

In The Crab with the Golden Claws, Tintin sees Herbert Dawes being drowned and decides to investigate. In this version Tintin and Haddock already know each other, whilst in the original book it is their first meeting. Haddock is being drugged with actual drugs, rather than whiskey. Diamonds are being smuggled in the tins rather than opium. They have slightly different exploits in the desert. They are attacked by a desert raider named Ahmed the Terrible, and later by the pilot of the seaplane. The ending has also been re-written.

In The Star of Mystery (The Shooting Star), Professor Phostle is replaced with Professor Calculus. Coincidentally, the phostlite is renamed "calculite". Professor Philippulus is Calculus' assistant, and he predicts the end of the world, but his predictions are wrong. Calculus accompanies Tintin on the meteorite, and the Peary captain and a crewman chase Tintin and Calculus on the meteorite, but are chased off by the giant spider. Captain Chester has been deleted from the storyline, and Thomson and Thompson accompany them on the voyage, whereas in the book they only appeared in one panel.

In The Secret of the Unicorn, Barnaby and Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine are completely missing from the storyline. Marlinspike Hall has been renamed "Hudson Manor". Max Bird escapes in his car, but in this version he is pursued by Tintin, Haddock, and Thomson and Thompson. They fight him on a pumpkin farmer's truck, and pursue him with help from a pilot. Aristides Silk (the pickpocket) has been renamed "Herbert Knill".

In Red Rackham's Treasure, they already know Calculus, who is not hard of hearing. Max Bird follows them, and attacks Tintin underwater and is nearly killed by an octopus. Haddock is the one who meets a shark underwater instead of Tintin. And there are natives on the desert island, who bear a strong resemblance to the Arumbayas from The Broken Ear. Thomson and Thompson are saved from losing their heads when Haddock pretends he is the Idol of Sir Francis Haddock speaking, similar to The Broken Ear. The group are captured by natives, but escape when a volcanic eruption sinks the Island (similar to Flight 714). Max Bird meets them at the Marlinspike Hall after they find the treasure, but they overpower him.

In Objective Moon (Destination Moon & Explorers on the Moon), the trip to the moon was all about rescuing Snowy, who was trapped in the (now white) test rocket. Captain Haddock's whiskey is replaced with coffee, and when he is pulled into orbit, he is not drunk, but his feet are hurting, so he takes his metal boots off. The tank is replaced with a hovering car called "the moonmobile". Professor Calculus, Haddock, and Thomson and Thompson explore the dark side of the moon in it, but get caved in by a meteor shower. Snowy rescues them by giving them dynamite. Colonel Jorgen and Frank Wolff survive, and at the end, the rocket crashes in the mountains.

The Calculus Case (The Calculus Affair) was the most altered series, the changes amounting to a completely different story altogether. Jolyon Wagg was entirely removed, and Calculus' ultrasound weapon is called "Silly the Silent" (or "No-Sound Nellie" in the US English version). Thomson and Thompson's roles have been expanded, and Haddock is captured with Calculus in "Darkol Prison". Alfredo Topolino and Colonel Sponsz have been renamed "Professor Bretzel" and "Colonel Brutel".

There were notable changes in the characters too. Tintin's home is located in New York, Captain Haddock does not have a penchant for whiskey, and is seen drinking coffee, Professor Calculus does not have hearing problems, Thomson and Thompson's moustache is identical, and Snowy has a red collar.

The first episode, Objective Moon, makes reference to other earlier stories through Tintin reminiscing. It makes mention of Tintin in the Congo, Land of Black Gold and The Red Sea Sharks.

Broadcasts and releases

  • This series has aired in repeats on non-network syndication in the United States from 1963 to 1971 and throughout the late 1980s in the UK.
  • The first two seasons (not really first two, they were more like pre-season episodes) were released in black and white, with minimal animation, and were only shown once. These were adapted from The Broken Ear and King Ottokar's Sceptre. The to were only in French.
  • Several VHS releases were made, in both English and French. To date, no complete DVD set has been released, though The Calculus Case was released on DVD as a full-length film and a limited edition DVD box set was also released in the UK in 2006 featuring The Calculus Case (renamed to The Calculus Affair), Prisoners Of The Sun & Mystery Of Shark Lake all as feature-lengths.

Voice artists




Season 1 : Objective Moon (22 episodes)

  1. Espionnage
  2. Space Pirates
  3. The Big Departure
  4. Attention… Meteor!
  5. Drifting
  6. Man in Orbit
  7. Lunar Landing
  8. Explorers on the Moon
  9. Mystery on the Moon
  10. Lost
  11. Sabotage
  12. Moon Sickness
  13. Trapped
  14. Operation Rescue
  15. Buried
  16. Explosion
  17. Prisoners
  18. Destination Earth
  19. Dramatic turn of Events
  20. More Control
  21. Freefall
  22. Crash Landing

Season 2 : The Crab with the Golden Claws (17 episodes)

  1. Suspicions
  2. Mystery at Sea
  3. Mutiny on the Karaboudjan
  4. Escape
  5. Adrift at Sea
  6. Air Attack
  7. Accident
  8. Thirst
  9. Desert Raiders
  10. Prisoners
  11. Sandstorm
  12. Danger
  13. Return of the Karaboudjan
  14. Removal
  15. Mystery Underground
  16. Dynamite
  17. Celebrations on Board

Season 3 : The Secret of the Unicorn (10 episodes)

  1. Model Mystery
  2. Pirate Attack
  3. Battle of Red Rackham
  4. Kidnap
  5. Trapped
  6. Ambushed
  7. Battle of Hudson Manor
  8. The Crash
  9. Captured
  10. Duel on the Highway

Season 4 : Red Rackham's Treasure (17 episodes)

  1. Red Rackham's Treasure
  2. Killer Shark
  3. Jail Break
  4. Stowaway
  5. Shipwreck
  6. Jungle Jitters
  7. Head Hunters
  8. Gunfire
  9. Operation Rescue
  10. Shark Bait
  11. Duel in the Deep
  12. Demon of the Deep
  13. The Eagle's Cross
  14. Savage Surprise
  15. Vanishing Island
  16. Red Rackham's Riddle
  17. Treasure Chest

Season 5 : The Star of Mystery (11 episodes)

  1. The Observatory
  2. A Star in the Night
  3. End of the World
  4. Alarm on Board
  5. Equipment
  6. Torpedo
  7. Sabotage
  8. The Meteorite
  9. Exploration
  10. A Worrying World
  11. The Island Disappears

Season 6 : Black Island (12 episodes)

  1. Forced Landing
  2. Miscarriage of Justice
  3. Escape
  4. Intrigue
  5. The Enigma
  6. Prisoners
  7. The Mysterious Doctor Müller
  8. Clandestine Terrain
  9. The Phantom of the Black Island
  10. A Fight in the Night
  11. The Animal
  12. The Battle of the Black Island

Season 7 : The Calculus Case (13 episodes)

  1. Frightening Lightning
  2. Z Rays
  3. Kidnapped
  4. Midnight Fright
  5. Steel Shark
  6. Tracked
  7. Operation Opera
  8. Bordurian Bullets
  9. Dead End
  10. Doomed
  11. The Big Blast
  12. Surprise in the Skies
  13. Tank Attack


Despite the series' low popularity with Tintin purists, it is well known throughout the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. The "Hergé's Adventures of Tintin!" speech at the beginning of each episode has become an iconic trademark of the franchise in the UK.

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