Hess: A Biography

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Hess: A Biography is a 1971 biography of Rudolf Hess by Roger Manvell and Heinrich Fraenkel, published by MacGibbon and Kee (London) in 1971 as a 256-page hardcover (ISBN 0-261-63246-9). Drake Publishers (New York) republished it in 1973 (ISBN 0-87749-428-2).

In the introduction, the authors state their aim to "be as objective as possible" about Hess, discuss the politics of his incarceration at Spandau, and state their belief that the "time for mere hot-blooded vengeance has long passed, and that for simple, human justice came long ago. Hess should be released."


  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  1. Hitler's Shadow
  2. 'Conscience of the Party'
  3. Quixotic Mission
  4. 'Dagger of the Mind'
  5. Nuremberg
  6. Spandau
  • Notes
  • Bibliography


  1. The Hess Ministry and the Legislature
  2. Albrecht Haushofer
  3. Lord Beaverbrook's Interview with Hess
  4. The Significance of Hess's Letters written in Captivity
  • Index


  1. Schoolboy at Godesberg
  2. Hitler's Secretary, 1924
  3. At Bormann's wedding
  4. At Hitler's chalet, Obersalzberg
  5. At Hitler's chalet, Obersalzberg
  6. With Professor Karl Haushofer
  7. With Hitler, Roehm, and Gregor Strasser, March 1933
  8. With Leni Riefenstahl and Bormann, 1934
  9. At Hitler Youth Rally, 1938
  10. Addressing Hitler Youth, 1940
  11. With Wolf Rüdiger before the flight to Scotland
  12. Wreckage of the Messerschmitt 110 after the flight to Scotland
  13. In captivity, 1945
  14. At Nuremberg with Göring, Ribbentrop and Keitel
  15. Letter written from Spandau, 17 May 1970