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The High Bailiff (Manx: Ard-Vaylee) is a legal position held within the Isle of Man. The High Bailiff is the head stipendiary magistrate.

Isle of Man

The current High Bailiff is His Worship John Needham, who is not Manx nor qualified in the jurisdiction, who took office on 30 January 2010 on the retirement of Mr Michael Moyle. Mr Needham was previously Clerk to the Justices. The current Deputy High Bailiff is Her Worship Jayne Hughes.

The High Bailiff and his deputy are appointed by the Council of Ministers. The High Bailiff and Deputy High Bailiff are ex officio Judicial Officers of the High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man[1] and Coroners of Inquests.[2]

Originally there was a High Bailiff of each of the four towns of the Island, Castletown, Ramsey, Peel and Douglas. In 1911 the offices of High Bailiff of Castletown and Douglas, and the offices of High Bailiff of Peel and Ramsey, were merged. Those offices were merged in turn in 1933 to form a single office of High Bailiff of the Isle of Man.

High Bailiffs of Castletown

High Bailiffs of Douglas

High Bailiffs of Peel

High Bailiffs of Ramsey

High Bailiffs of Douglas and Castletown

High Bailiffs of Ramsey and Peel

High Bailiffs of the Isle of Man

Deputy High Bailiff

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