History of ancient Tunisia

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The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Tunisia

History of ancient Tunisia has been divided into three articles:

  • Early History of Tunisia
    • Berber background
    • Accounts of the Berbers
    • Ancient Berber religion
    • Berber tribal affiliations
    • Berber language history
    • Sea traders from the east
  • History of Punic era Tunisia
    • Foundation of Carthage
    • Berber relations
    • Sovereignty, Greek rivalry
    • Punic religion
    • Constitution of state
    • Few writings survive
    • Society and economy
    • Punic Wars with Rome
  • History of Roman era Tunisia
    • Rome and the Berber kingdoms
      • Masinissa and Syphax
      • Micipsa, Jugurtha, Hiempsal
      • Juba, Bocchus, Juba
    • Roman Province of Africa
      • Renaissance and prosperity
      • Latin culture and the Berbers
      • Berber resistance, dissent
      • Emperors from Africa
      • Christianity, its Donatist Schism
    • Berbers, Vandals, Byzantines
      • Berber frontier
      • Vandal Kingdom
      • Byzantine Empire

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