Hitler – Beast of Berlin

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Hitler, Beast of Berlin
Hitler, Beast of Berlin FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Sam Newfield (as Sherman Scott)
Produced by Producers Releasing Corporation
Written by Fred Myton
Starring Roland Drew
Steffi Duna
Greta Granstedt
Alan Ladd
Music by David Chudnow
Distributed by Producers Releasing Corporation
Release dates
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  • October 8, 1939 (1939-10-08)
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $100,000

Hitler, Beast of Berlin (1939) was one of the most popular "hiss and boo" films of the World War II era, based on the novel Goose Step by Shepard Traube. The film was the first production of Producers Releasing Corporation. It was recut and released as Beasts of Berlin the same year, having been banned in New York as too inflammatory at the time. It was also reissued in the early 1940s as Hell's Devils.


A man and his wife lead a German anti-Nazi propaganda literature movement. After an inadvertent betrayal, the husband is thrown into a concentration camp, from which he escapes to Switzerland.


Production notes

Archival footage of Adolf Hitler is included.


The film was released in 1940 as Goose Step.[1]


  1. 'Goose Step' Begins Run Los Angeles Times (1923-Current File) [Los Angeles, Calif] 03 Feb 1940: A7.

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